The Kazawic Family - 4 Generations at Keowee Key

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The Kazawic Family - 4 Generations at Keowee Key

The Kazawic-Reilly family has 4 Generations Living at Keowee Key!

Amie & Christopher Kazawic were living in Greenville when the Pandemic hit in 2020.  They purchased a boat to spend time on the lake with their 3 children.  As a Realtor, Amie had sold homes in Keowee Key and by 2021 they purchased a weekend getaway on Captain’s Lane. 

Then Amie’s parents, Rebecca & Arthur Reilly, visited from Sarasota, Florida, and fell in love with the community.  They purchased a home on Safe Haven in 2022.  Soon Amy’s kids no longer wanted to be in Greenville when they visited home.  They wanted to be on the lake.  So the Kazawics sold their home in Greenville and purchased a larger home on Estuary Court in 2023.  

“It has been an amazing adventure at Keowee Key with so much to enjoy,” said Amie.  “My grandmother, Juanita Deuell, also came to live here with my parents in 2022. And my cousins and their kids spend time visiting here over the summer.”  In 2023 the Kazawics hosted 25 visits from family.  Their visitors now stay in the original home on Captain’s lane. 

The family loves the walking trails, the huge fitness center, pickleball, plus the paddleboards and kayaks at North Marina. They love Trivia Night at the Club and the Karaoke and Cornhole nights at the Club are also favorites.  “Everyone comes to us at Keowee Key,”  according to Amie. “It’s the glue that holds the family together.”

The Kazawic Family L - R: Delany, Amie, Chris, Mackenzie, Reilly
Posted: 12/6/2023 2:25:21 PM by Christine deVlaming

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